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Weblister Ltd is a remote consultancy company that specialises in Sage and Excel. With 12 years experience in accounts and accountancy areas we are here to help you.

Our qualifications include:

We have got lots of experience in working with Excel and Sage and are able to edit and produce reports within sage. Sage to csv and csv to Excel.

Why employ a temp? Employ us instead!

Temporary staff can be very expensive to employ and you can also be subject to finder fees, large hourly rates or fixed contracts. With us you will be charged a pre-arranged hourly rate for work and you are under no obligation to stay with us or to employ us again at a future date.

Any excel or Sage reports can be sent to us and we can talk you through how to do this if you are unsure and then work will be carried out on data and then sent back to you in readable format.

Remote assistance

If you require our remote assistance we can sign in and control your computer on a secured remote access program and you can see all the work carried out on your screen while we have access to your computer, we will pull off any reports needed and then arrange for you to send to us so we can work on the report and send back to you.


Why not try us? To gain your confidence in using us as a company we are happy to produce 1 report for your company FOR FREE up to a time period of 30 minutes of work, you are not obligated to pay anything for this service, you will only be required to submit your name, position and company details to us.

We are 100% safe, secure, we will not share or disclose any of your company details or data to a third party.